Rhetorical essay

this next assignment, you will write a 4-5 page rhetorical analysis of a political TV ad. In this essay, you will be strictly analyzing the rhetoric of this ad—who is the intended audience? How does this ad appeal to its intended audience? How does this ad appeal to one’s emotions, to one’s reason and sense of logic, to one’s hopes, fears, doubts, dreams, etc.? How does the ad establish the speaker’s credentials, qualifications, etc.? What visual images does this ad employ to appeal to its audience? What words? What speech? What music? What colors? Etc. Ideally, your description and analysis of the ad should be so vivid that I will scarcely even need to see the ad for myself. Leave your own personal politics and/or beliefs out of the analysis; you are NOT going to argue about whether you agree with the person or not. You are not even going to discuss whether or not the ad succeeds in your opinion. In fact, you are not going to argue at all on this particular assignment—this is strictly a test of your analytical abilities, and of your ability to evaluate objectively and dispassionately. I should not be able to tell by your analysis what your actual personal beliefs are. This essay should not have a thesis, nor an introductory paragraph, nor a conclusion: just jump straight into your analysis. Please choose an ad from the 21st century. As ever, please type it double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. 1-inch margins. No Works Cited page required for this assignment.