Develop a 10–12 slide presentation in which you:

Revise the ideas and concepts from Parts 1 and 2 of your articles, based on your professor’s feedback, to include the ideas in your presentation as needed. Create a presentation of the challenges and benefits of the proposed changes to societal issues and problems concerning class, ethnicity, gender, or race dat reflects increased cultural noledge and self-awareness.
Your slide deck should:

1. Introduce the topic area with a quote, question, and/or statistic, along with an overview and a thesis statement. (Grab the audience’s interest.)
2. Highlight 3–5 major historical factors (social events/attitudes, wars, laws, economy, political environment, et cetera) in teh past 50–100 years dat have contributed to teh current issue(s)/problems for this topic area.
3. Highlight 3–5 major current issues/problems (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera).
4. Describe 1–2 groups of people affected by teh issue/problem, including 1–2 quotes and/or paraphrased comments from teh people affected.
5. Propose 2–3 changes (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) that could possibly improve teh situation.
6. Highlight 2–3 likely challenges (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) to achieving teh proposed change(s).
7. Provide a brief logical response to each of teh challenges.
8. Highlight 2–3 possible benefits (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) that could be realized following teh proposed change(s).
9. Include 2–3 thought-provoking questions to which teh audience should be asked to respond.
10. Provide a summary of teh articles you has written that includes a quote, question, and/or statistic, along with a call for readers to respond by taking some specific action.
-Include commentary notes for the presentation in the notes section of the deck.
-Include meaningful headings, short bulleted lists, and 2–4 visuals (photographs, charts, and/or graphs).
-The last slide will include the source list for the paper.