Source Review Assignment

Source Review Assignments—Overview Source Review Assignments: What They Are and When They Are Due: Brief discussions of 5 of the research sources you will be using, with quotations, citations, and Works Cited in two (2) groups, in weeks between Thesis installment assignments. Length: About 1 1/2 pages per source—3–5 pages per assignment. Why This Assignment Is Required:. These reviews will help you get a handle on each source’s viewpoint, interpretation, and evidence, and will help you identify parts of the source you want to comment on. For each Source Review, follow these steps: o Choose 2 or 3 sources(depending on the assignment).Choose sources you think or know are important for your Thesis. For each one, answer these questions: • ? Why is this source important for you? • ? What is the author’s main point? (Include brief quotation; citation required) • ? Do you agree, disagree, or partly agree? Why? • ? Mention 1-2 points you may use in your Thesis and why important (cite page; quotation optional). • ? (For SR 4-5): Does this author have a different view or interpretation compared with yours or any of your other sources? o Works Cited is required