Synthesis of concepts for reading response

These writing assignments are meant to help you critically engage with the course material and provide practice synthesizing ideas from multiple sources. Each response paper should be 400-500 words in length and synthesize ideas from all of the readings for the week, critically reflecting on the major themes and arguments in the readings as well as how the readings relate to and/or differ from each other. In addition to the synthesis, you may include any questions you have about the readings, questions or topics you would like to discuss in class, and/or any quotes you identified as particularly important. Through personal stories, reflections, evidence-based arguments, and theory, the film and readings this week bring attention to power, oppression, race, class, and gender within Boston and the United States. The film also engages with the themes of community and land. As you engage with the materials this week, try to link the ideas and stories to your own experiences and ideas about power and inequality and environmental justice. The reading/viewing prompts for this week are: What forms and experiences of inequality exist in Boston and in the United States? What forms of power and oppression are missing from this set of readings and the film? How do the ideas and stories from the film and readings intersect with environmental justice? Concepts to watch for in the reading, film, and class: racial formation (and race as a social construct), class, intersectionality, land and property