Terrorism (CRIM-344)

Please respond to the questions below. In your response, be sure to draw upon the course materials and additional materials as well (be sure to cite these sources). This exam is open book/notes, but it is expected that you work on this alone and the work is your own.

Question #1

Politics, religion, ethnicity, nationalism, gender… there are numerous threads composing the diverse, complex fabric of terrorism. As has been discussed, the fabric of terrorism is woven into the overall fabric of our global society…thus, if you pull on a thread of terrorism, it impacts the global society, and alternatively, if you pull on a thread in global society, it impacts terrorism.

Please construct your response on the interconnectivity of terrorism with the global society and pull on the economic, social and political threads and discuss their impacts on both terrorism and the global society. Be sure to weave in both broad and specific examples in your response.

Question #2

The directed impact of terrorism can localized or globalized and can originate as state-sponsored/supported or dissident – in all cases, there are victims, and in some cases, the terrorists themselves may be victims. While we may see the impact of some terrorist acts via media sources, it feels as though there is considerably more beyond the immediate scope of the media.

Please construct your response exploring victimization within the realm of terrorism – be sure to include the wide-range of victims, the reason behind certain victims being targeted, and weave in specific examples to strengthen your response.