The Big Short film

View the film, The Big Short.

Write an APA paper on the film. The recession of 2008 devastated many millions of Americans and the impact of the economic decline continued for years. Millions lost their homes, millions lost their jobs/careers, and were devastated by the financial crisis. Imagine having your home and income ripped from your life. The Big Short is a depiction of real people involved in that decline and how it all began.

Write a paper of what happened during the period in America that is depicted in this film. Analyze what happened and explain how things unfolded. Along with an analysis of all the details of what happened as the impetus to the 2008 recession, also include in the paper your own thoughts of the situation. Conclude your paper with a section that describes what happened to a specific person or family in your life.

Find a person or family that was directly impacted by the 2008 recession, interview them, and write what happened to them personally. Ask them how they were changed financially, emotionally, etc. How long did it take them to recover? Did they fully recover? Do they live differently because of the recession? What did they experience? Finish the paper with a conclusion or closing thoughts section.

So your paper has four (4) sections. The summary of what happened, an opinion and personal thoughts section, a section of a personal story, and a conclusion/closing thoughts section.

The paper should have an APA title page, a minimum of three (3) pages of a well-organized write-up, and a reference page (this can just be the one reference of the film).