The nature, purpose, and function of criminal law

You are to answer all Chapter Review Questions on page 12(I ALREADY ANSWERED THEY ARE ATTACHED). You are writing at a minimum 2-3 sentences per question and if a question has subquestions, you answer those subquestions in 2-3 sentences each. You do not copy material from the textbook(I COPIED FROM TEXTBOOK ON MOST SO IT NEEDS TO PARAPHRASED) but write your paper in YOUR OWN WORDS. You will use NO quotes and put all material in your own words. You must have an Introduction- what is the paper about and it should be 3-4 sentences long or longer. You must have a Conclusion- a few highlights of the paper and it should be 3-4 sentences long or longer. Each of the answers to each question must be at least 2-3 sentences long or longer. So you have 12 paragraphs, at least, as the body of the paper. Make sure you clearly answer the questions being asked. Question 1 is asking 1 question while Question 2 poses 2 questions, answer them both in one paragraph etc. You can write until you have adequately answered all the questions as there is no page limit or paragraph limit, you write until you feel the questions have been fully answered. Do not write the paper like an OUTLINE, and do not use NUMBERS such as Question 1 then write the question. DO NOT WRITE THE QUESTION, address all questions like an ESSAY. See examples below. Example of an Introduction: This short assignment will address 12 specific questions posed on page 12 over the Chapter Review Questions as well as subquestions in some cases. These questions are intended to give the student an overview of the most important concepts in the chapter. The student is to demonstrate mastery of the concepts by clearly and concisely answering each of the questions and subquestions posed. The student was asked to pose answers in simple and clear language and use their own words and not copy material from the textbook. Example of a Conclusion: This short paper has clearly and concisely addressed every question posed in the Chapter Review Questions on page 12 of the textbook. The student has demonstrated knowledge of the concepts posed by using simple and direct language to provide clear answers as these are the types of questions likely to come up for a job interview in a Criminal Justice setting. No quotes were used and all the English rules of good writing were strictly adhered to. Example of answering a question: In question one of the Chapter Review Questions, there was a simple and direct question to provide a definition of a crime. The student would suggest that a crime is ………. and ……. write for at least 2-3 sentences. To produce the Assignment the student should review the Rubric on the right. No heading is needed because students want to take 1/2 a page just to do the heading. JUST WRITE YOUR NAME AT THE TOP, no date, do not put my name, do not put the name of the course, do not put the semester, do not put the month or year, etc. or you lose points. HIgh Grades are based on how well you follow instructions. Low Grades means you did not read the instructions. A Criminal Justice Professional always follows all instructions TO THE LETTER! I will only take a late paper with a University Excuse. Blackboard will automatically enter a “0” when an assignment is late. A Criminal Justice Professional always does their work on time! 1) Follow all the rules of good English. Do not copy material from the article, NO QUOTES of any length are to be used. Rephrase all information in your own words. 2) You must have an INTRODUCTION- what is the 2 page paper about? You must have a CONCLUSION- what did you write about in the paper? 3) Focus on writing about each of the questions listed on page 12. 4) You are using Times Roman 12 pt Font, and you are double-spacing the paper. 5) Do not write the paper like 1 long paragraph. You must use paragraphs that have a central idea. A paragraph cannot be less than 3 sentences. 6) No incomplete sentences. 7) Watch spelling and grammar, I am counting off for errors. 8) No contractions- don’t, wouldn’t, didn’t, contractions are not acceptable in formal papers 9) Do not use “I” “Me” “Myself” “Mine” in formal papers 10) DO NOT COPY MATERIAL FROM ANY SOURCE, the paper will go through SAFEASSIGN which detects plagarism, no copying, put all information in YOUR OWN WORDS.