The Social Construct and Science of Sexuality

Submit a 4-page (11-point Calibri font, 1-inch margins double-spaced) academic style “reflective paper” highlighting at minimum 2 sociological ideas demonstrated or discussed in the week’s content. I also fully encourage you to be creative in the structure and design of your papers. Feel free to “go out on limb.” If you’d prefer to present an epic poem, that works. An annotated detail of visual art, musical performance, or interpretive dance can work as your “paper” as well. The key is to be reflective and “studied” in what you present. I’m looking for thoughtful reflections, exciting connections, and valid arguments – not restatement or a simple summary of the articles. Focus on connections and themes. In some cases, your comment/reflection can be brief as long as you provide a comprehensive, in-depth analysis that uses your sociological imagination while ? Grounding your arguments with citations and supporting statements where necessary, ? offering engaging connections between the readings and content while avoiding summarization ? using academic writing standards, and ? serving as work that you can be proud of producing.