Theories of international relations academic paper

2000 words essay Academic style paper – Harvard style referencing! Description of task: – Choose an international event or conflict or event – Apply two theories and analyze your chosen event from these two perspectives – Highlight the differences and possible common elements – Use at least four academic sources from the field of International Relations Theories that have to be applied in the case study: (chose 2) 1, John Mearsheimer – Power and fear in Great Power Politics File 2, Keohane& Nye – Transnational relations in world politics 3, Andrew Moravicsik – Taking preferences seriously: A liberal theory of international politics 4, Stephen Krasner -Structural causes and regime consequences: Regimes as intervening variables 5, John Ikenberry Liberal Leviathan- The rise decline, and renewal of American World Order 6, Alexander Wendt- Anarchy is What States Make of It: The Social Construction of Power Politics 7, Martha Finnemore- Legitimacy, Hypocrisy, and the Social Structure of Unipolarity Why Being a Unipole Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be 8, Robert W. Cox – Social Forces, States, and World Orders: Beyond International Relations Theory 9, William I. Robinson – Gramsci and Globalisation: From Nation-State to Transnational Hegemony 10, Marysia Zalewski- All these theories yet the bodies keep piling up’: theories, theorists, theorizing