Transparency and Accountability in Public Sector

This course is about financial ethics in the public sector. Topic: “Transparency and Accountability in Public Sector” *Please narrow it down for example transparency in government or transparency in Broader Public Sector( hospitals, universities, colleges, and school boards) or financial transparency and accountability,…(You can choose any thing regarding transparency and accountability) *The evaluation criteria for the research paper include structure and technical aspects of the research paper, quality of the research and analysis, and persuasiveness of the argument (supported by the research and analysis). *Please use an appropriate citation style, for example, APA Style, Chicago Style and MLA style. The specific topic (just the topic) and references are due on OCTOBER 20. ONE PAGE OUTLINE (250 WORDS) AND REFERENCES DUE NOVEMBER 10 ENTIRE ESSAY DUE NOVEMBER 20 Ideally take the question “Does more transparency improve accountability?” and apply it to a certain public sector e.g., hospitals, government, university, charity/nonprofit, etc