Week 3 Finance 10K Project Part 3 of 3 (two parts)

Continuation of this: (part 1 was made on feb 2 – feb 6 by nerdyprof) (part 2 was made on feb 14 – feb 16 by nerdyprof) (for the video part no need to record anything, just write a note or paragraph or highlight what i need to record in order for me to included it on the slides) (if same professor is not available please reach out to me in order for me to send part 1 and 2 for the new professor working on part 3 can follow up what was done in part 1 and 2) Thanks very much! Hi. I hope all is well. I’ve attached files/instructions and tools/material that are needed for this assignment. This assignment is devided into 3 parts this is part 1 and I would like for the same professor that works in this part to work for the rest of it. I’ve attached the entire project so that you get familiar with it and begin getting an idea for the rest. (i’ve also attached a sample that was given by the instructor, but we can’t use it as reference) Please read and follow each step carefully. Please if you have any question let me know in advance. Thank you. I appreciate the help. Have a great day! (and please turn the assigment on due date)