Workplace change message

it is a paper but incorporate charts, bullet points

Pretend that you are the CEO of Milliford Labs. While the company has been known for its innovation, producing multiple new products annually and owning a number of important utility patents, you’re concerned because only two new products were developed in the past year when used to do 6 a year. As the CEO, you want to turn this around. Consider how many new products could actually be developed in a year. If they only developed a couple (2) last year, then how many could they actually develop in new year? Be realistic.

The purpose is to inspire and encourage people to develop more new products. You can make up the details as you communicate an inspiring change speech to kick off the company retreat and outline a plan (note: type of company is not important). Use the executive coach’s advice, change management models in Module 3 readings and Duarte’s principles of spellbinding presentations.

A positive message and tone are the best way to encourage people.

Company has a retreat scheduled. Consider how CEO might use retreat to kick-off initiative, generate excited and gather ideas. Incorporate Module 3 reading on change models into paper.

Use business writing (double-spaced, liberal use of headings, bullet points, and charts/graphs/graphics as appropriate). Use textbook, at minimum, as citation and reference. Length should be around 500 words, double-spaced using paragraphs and white space.

NOTE: This paper is not about using 4-day work week; that is just the discussion. Pandemic is not the reason for the decrease in new products.

if you could write as many words as possible that would be great

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