Writer’s choice

Your job is to find a current news story (not an editorial or opinion piece) from any CREDIBLE (i.e. real) news source (i.e. not a blog or conspiracy website) that illustrates or relates to a concept that we’re covering in class. So, for example, you might look for an article about free speech or freedom of religion for this discussion, or something that illustrates a concept related to federalism. To complete the assignment, you’ll compose an initial post that includes

1. the title of the story (with a link if you got the story from the Internet)

2. A 1-2 paragraph summary of the story (in your own words)

3. a 1-2 paragraph explanation of how the story relates to the course material. Be very specific and explain the concept and how the story is an illustration or reflection of that concept. The concept might be from the textbook, an assigned video, or a Powerpoint presentation.

Please refer to Amendment I – free speech. My proposition is this news- https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mercurynews.com/2021/09/29/prosecutor-lawsuit-ouster-by-santa-clara-da-was-free-speech-violation/amp/

But you can search by yourself, if you want. As long as it relates to amendment I about free speech.