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As we learned this week, the strategic management process has five steps: 1) Establish the mission and the vision; 2) Assess the current reality; 3) Formulate the grand strategy; 4) Implement the strategy; and 5) Maintain strategic control.

Watch the below video, Marissa Mayer: What’s Next for Yahoo in Two Minutes (YouTube 02:08) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3PqYDueBm8

As you saw in the video, Mayer has undertaken turning Yahoo around.

Explain your evaluation of Yahoo in terms of competitive strategy.
Identify which of the proposed changes are likely to have significant impact in causing the desired results for a successful turnaround and explain why.
Justify and support your rational with research.
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Ensure in your initial post you have approximately 200 words and at least one reference supporting your response.