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This assignment is designed to help you translate theoretical concepts to practice. As part of this section, a brief case study will be provided. Using this case study, 6-7 page paper (not including the title page, genogram, ISSP, and reference page) outlining your case conceptualization and treatment plan following the guidelines listed below.

Use headings to organize your work.

Case Overview: Describe the client in brief (1 – 2 paragraphs), including their genogram.
Ecological Model: In table format, using the ecological model as a framework, document the client’s current presenting concerns and well as family/friend/community strengths and resources that may be useful for the client in in your work together (in other words, the client’s risk and resilience factors at all levels of their ecology). You may use this format:
Case Conceptualization: 1) What is going on, 2) Why are the symptoms/problems occurring, 3) What role does culture play, 4) Treatment – How can it change. Describe your working clinical hypotheses (how do all these factors fit together to explain behaviors? Integrate specific theories and specific behavioral patterns. Be sure to describe exosystemic and macrosystemic influences, including cultural considerations. Be sure to refer to class information and empirical/evidence-based literature when writing this section. You must use complete APA citations and a complete, accurate APA reference list. (If you’re not an FHS major, you may use MLA or Chicago style if you wish, but it still needs to be complete, accurate, and internally consistent.)
Develop Individual Service and Support Plan (ISSP) using this form ISSP Treatment Plan 2020.doc
Three Symptoms/Problems and FIDI Scale
Goals (relevant short-term, measurable, outcomes) and objectives for the identified client, including considering goals for work, school, or other related contexts.
Intervention Plan: In table format, describe your recommendations and intervention plan (using this form Intervention Plan Template.docx Download Intervention Plan Template.docx :
Describe 3 or more specific evidence-based individual, family and community based interventions that would be appropriate for this client and describe why and how they would be beneficial. Be sure to connect your interventions to empirical literature.
Describe relevant considerations for meso-, exo- and macrosystem.
Ethical Issues and Challenges: Note any relevant ethical issues and identify challenges relevant to your work with this client.
Include at least 3 references!!